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200 Tdi Engine Parts

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Land Rover 200tdi engine parts Turner Engineering
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Land Rover 200TDi Engine Parts

The 200tdi engine is surely one of the most famous Land Rover engines. First produced in 1990 and fitted to the Defender and Discovery, shortly after the 200TDI was also fitted into the Range Rover. The 200TDI was the successor to the 2.5 Turbo Diesel and was a vast improvement in reliability. To this day it is still one of the most popular engines for the classic Land Rover owners. The 200TDi is indeed suitable for Defender, Discovery and Range Rover models.
The 200TDi engine is easy to rebuild and as the one stop shop for quality Land Rover engine parts we always have the full range of 200TDI engine parts in stock.

All the parts you need for your 200 TDI

Turner Engineering offers you a very wide choice of parts that allow you to refurbish or completely change your engine. We remanufacture customer’s own cylinder heads and complete engine block assemblies as well as supply all the parts that can complete them. Some of the parts are offered with the choice of genuine Land Rover or oem/replacement manufacturer. Customer’s own cylinder head referenced RTC 6896 that is offered remanufactured as both standard or gasflowed performance for improved fuel consumption and torque across the rev range. We also offer stripped engines (long blocks). This is notably the case of our STC 309 for Defender, or STC 6636 for Discovery /  Range Rover applications. If your engine block is badly damaged or if you want to give your vehicle a new lease of life, don't hesitate. Consult our 200 TDI specialists to acquire all or parts to rebuild your engine.

A wide range of parts and ancillaries for your 200TDI diesel engine. 

Land Rover engines are known for their robustness and reliability. They have also been designed to be easily repairable and have their performance improved. We offer you a wide range of parts and ancillaries to keep your 200 TDI engine in good condition. From pistons to the crankshaft, including all types of seals and gaskets that are essential for the functioning of the engine, you will find the part you need in our online catalogue. We make it a point of honor to source from reputable manufacturers with whom we have been working for many years. We guarantee that the materials they use to manufacture our engine parts and ancillary parts are of the highest quality. This is essential because a powerful off-road vehicle such as the Land Rover equipped with a 200 TDI engine requires engine parts that offer good wear resistance, at least far superior to that of ordinary passenger cars. Even the nuts and bolts, although they are small parts that you don't have much opportunity to change, are selected from among the most reliable on the market. Our most complex parts such as turbos, water pumps and even thermostats are meticulously tested by our specialist suppliers for quality so that our customers are never disappointed. It is this rigour in the choice of our parts for 200 TDI that will ensure the longterm reliability of your engine.


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