Remanufactured Cylinder Heads for Land Rover & Range Rover

As the only UK re-manufacturer specialising exclusively in Land Rover, Turner Engineering supply   new and re-manufactured cylinder heads  for petrol and diesel Land Rover Series, Defender, Discovery and Range Rover.

With over 40 years of experience in this industry we supply   genuine quality cylinder heads  as used in our own production.

Quality Land Rover Cylinder Heads - Remanufactured in-house by Turner Engineering

Land Rover quality cylinder heads

The latest specialist machines are used to re-manufacture the cylinder heads to the correct technical specifications. We follow a very specific process to guarantee the quality of our  reconditioned engines and re-manufactured parts All petrol heads are suitable for lead free and LPG fuel.

  • All cylinder heads unless otherwise specified are built up and include - new core plugs, inserts (cut with Serdi three angled seat cutting equipment), valves, guides, springs (+ pre-combustion chambers and injector shrouds in the case of diesel).
  • Where required re-manufactured rocker assemblies can be supplied. 
Land Rover quality cylinder heads

Petrol Performance Cylinder Heads - includes gasflowing of both inlet and exhaust ports to improve breathing and airflow which improves midspeed performance and can improve fuel economy. You can discover our range of  cylinder heads for Rover V8 petrol2.25 &  2.5 petrol 4 cylinder engines and  200 &  300TDI diesel engines.

  • Our performance specification cylinder head was introduced in 1985  and several thousand have been sold. It is our experience that it is unnecessary to replace anything other than the cylinder head to   gain useful performance and economy benefits. Providing our customers with a sensible and reliable product that represents value for money. See LRO article March & April 1997 - May 1991
  • None of the performance cylinder heads listed on our online store will affect long term life expectancy and reliability of an engine provided they are fitted to an engine that is in reasonable mechanical condition, used within the engine's normal operating speed range and are fitted with standard ancillaries.

Turner Engineering provides all parts for Land Rover Defender models and Range Rover

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