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Land Rover performance cylinder heads

Turner Engineering produces performance gasflowed cylinder heads for Rover V8 petrol, 2.25 & 2.5 petrol 4 cylinder engines and 200 & 300TDI diesel engines.
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Our first performance cylinder head was produced in 1985. This was a 2.25 petrol 8:1CR gasflowed cylinder head which was fitted to a S11a SWB Land Rover. The improvements in performance were sufficiently encouraging for us to include this type of head in full time production. It quickly became apparent from customer feed back that this specification offered significant improvements in performance, economy and driveability without technical problems. see testimonials Today it is one of the best known products on the market for this engine type and has been sold worldwide.

Since 1985 several thousand petrol cylinder heads have been produced and other performance cylinder heads have been added to the range over the years. Several articles have appeared in specialist Land Rover magazines. Since 1979 just short of ten thousand cylinder heads have left our factory, of which a good number have been performance orientated.

The benefit of improved flow through the cylinder head is better volumetric efficiency and therefore performance is improved throughout the rev range. Gasflowing a cylinder head will not compromise reliability and gives the engine the ability to pull higher gears at lower rpm and as a bonus economy is often enhanced.

In the case of four cylinder petrol engines this product will offer substantially improved performance and economy at little extra cost whilst converting to lead free petrol without the need to change anything other than the cylinder head itself.

In the case of Rover V8's the same kind of improvements can be expected, keeping in mind that most Rover V8 cylinder heads already have lead free capability. These heads can be supplied as an option on our service exchange V8 engines at additional cost.

In the case of diesel engines, increasingly more customers are looking to improve the performance of their diesel engined vehicles. The same rules apply. Performance through efficiency and we offer gasflowed cylinder heads for the 200 & 300TDi turbo diesel engines. These heads can be supplied as an option on our service exchange diesel engines at additional cost.

Performance Expectations

It is extremely difficult to predict specific improvements to individual vehicles due to varying operating conditions, condition of ancillaries, the condition of the cylinder head displaced and the time and effort put into installation and setup. However based on some 30 years experience with this type of product and not wishing to mislead our potential customers with exaggerated claims, it is realistic to expect performance improvements in the region of 10 to 30%. In simple terms the engine will act bigger and will be more responsive to the throttle.

Our performance cylinder heads have been used very successfully in a number of competitions including the Historic Monte Carlo Rally, Mintex Rally and the Perth Scottish Rally.

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