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Developed by Ford, the 2.2TDci Puma engine is a Diesel engine which requires a high level of maintenance. Look no further, Turner Engineering provides here all Ford 2.2 TDci engine parts and components in order that you can create your own rebuild kit.
From quality original Ford cylinder heads, oem pistons, injection pump, oil cooler we have it all covered!
If you wish to create your engine rebuild kit and give a new lease of life to your Ford 2.2Tdci diesel engine, you just need to pick the right items: then, you'll get it delivered to your door within 24 - 48 hours!

Order engine parts for a Ford Puma Diesel Engine

Specialised exclusively in Land Rover engines, in this range we supply original Ford, OEM and Land Rover spares and ensure that they are 100% reliable.
✔ Enjoy Worldwide Fast Delivery & a great customer service
We also stock all parts for the Land Rover 2.4 TDci engine. We advise you to have a look at our Cleaning Supplies & Accessories to get the whole equipment.

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