ERR 1156 Valve Exhaust

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ERR 1156 Valve Exhaust  300TDI and 200TDI

An exhaust valve of the correct material specification guarantees a good combustion cycle. Your engine's exhaust valves allow the gases produced by the combustion of fuel to escape from the cylinders where the explosion takes place. The exhaust valve remains closed when fuel is admitted to the cylinder and during the explosion, and then opens slightly after combustion to allow the gas to escape. The exhaust valves are in contact with extremely hot gases. It is therefore not uncommon for an exhaust valve to be damaged, especially on the edge which is thinner. This weakening further accelerates the degradation of the valve.

Even if the poor condition of an exhaust valve does not prevent you from driving your vehicle, the engine performance can be significantly reduced. Do not wait until the last moment to change your exhaust valves. The Italian manufacturer has our full confidence, we do not compromise on quality. 

Our exhaust valves for the Defender, Discovery 1 and Range Rover  200 TDI and 300 TDI engines are only slightly more expensive than those available elsewhere. However, they are non-magnetic high quality material valve. 

200TDI & 300TDI

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