5.0n/a -5.0Sc Main Bearing Set

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5.0n/a -5.0Sc Main Bearing Set

Buy the 5.0 - 5.0 Sc main bearing set online at Turner Engineering. We ensure product quality. .

NOTE: 5 x bearing halves have a locating tag which some of the earlier 5.0 engines do not have. The notch in the block is for location only (sideways location) and does not stop the bearing spinning. The bearings are held in place by the interference fit. The housing is smaller than the bearing set. You could file a notch in the block to accommodate the tag or remove the tag from the bearing halves. We are not aware of this type of bearing set being available without the locating tags.

Discovery 3 - 4;
Range Rover L322 - Sport

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Part Number 5.0 - 5.0T

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