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300TDI Head Bolt set

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Turner engineering
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300TDI Head Bolt set


As used in our own engine remanufacture production


All parts in stock unless stated otherwise

  1. Full set of head bolts to fit 300TDI cylinder head. 

    Consist of the following part numbers
    ETC 8808  x 4
    ETC 1919 x 10
    ETC 8810 x 4

    300TDI Defender, Discovery, Range Rover

  2. OEM / Aftermarket
    AMC Spain
    Warranty  12 Months Warranty 
    Lead Time  In Stock
    Part Number 

    ETC 8808 - ETC 1939 -ETC 8810

Customer reviews
Shopping Satisfaction
Top quality.
Lacy K.
Shopping Satisfaction
Does exactly what a head bolt set does.
Graham P.
Shopping Satisfaction
AMC excellent quality.
Nicholas W.
Shopping Satisfaction
Quality product.
Aaron M.
Shopping Satisfaction
All Bolts form AMC original.
Mike J.
Shopping Satisfaction
Not Complete and One screw was Not finally finished.
Jo J.
To date we have not had an issues with AMC head bolt sets.

We have not been made aware of your problem prior to this feedback or been given an opportunity to rectify the situation. If you would be kind enough to get in touch we would like the opportunity to rectify the situation.
Shopping Satisfaction
Good quality.
Eric McBain.
Shopping Satisfaction
Good product.
Paul M.
Shopping Satisfaction
Good part.
Christian h.
Shopping Satisfaction
One of the bolts in my kit came with damaged threads.
William F.
It would have been our preferred option you had contacted us first to give us the opportunity to replace the bolt or advise. However I understand you have cleaned the thread of the bolt in question before use.

AMC head bolts are of very high quality and a problem of this nature is out of character for this supplier.


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