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Discover How We Rebuild a Series 2a/3 Engine

Turner Engineering is the only UK re-manufacture specialising exclusively in Land Rover. Discover how we turn your short engine into a brand new one to keep it moving.

How We Give a New Lease of Life to your Land Rover Series 2a/3 Engine

All the engine parts available online are re-manufactured following a strict process which include the following - steps:
- stripdown,
- cleaning,
- assessment / measuring,
- reassembly
Each component is perfectly cleaned to guarantee the quality of the finished product.

Dismantling the Engine is Necessary to Rebuild it Properly

When we get the short engine, we fully dismantle it to remove all components. This way, we can deal with them individually, clean them and reassemble them.
Turner Engineering is fully equipped with functional machines like the honing machine to give a new lease of life to the stripped engine components. After being machined, the parts are like new.
Engine dismantling - Turner Engineering
engine dismantled - rockers
Parts cleaning and measuring  - Engine rebuild

How Difficult it is to Rebuild a Series 2a Land Rover

It is not that difficult to rebuild a Series 2a/3 engine but if it's all new to you, you need to take precautions and follow these steps:
- dismantling is essential to control every component of the stripped engine,
- cleaning and machining are the key steps to ensure that the engine will run effectively and for long.
For instance, we look inside each cylinder to gauge bore wear or check the front cover to see if there is corrosion. In which case, you'll need to clean the part for a few hours.

What Equipment do I need to Rebuild my Engine?

You'll surely need to be equipped to rebuild your engine. A traditional tool kit will do the job however, machines really make it easier.
Turner Engineering use a BUPI washing machine to clean the parts and a honing machine to reshape cylinders. You can have further information on our reconditioning engine process if you like.
Useful tips: using paraffin to clean your engine components will help you to rid exterior surfaces of grime. To get rid of jointing surface, you can use a blunt scraper.
Note: you'll necesarilly need a torque wrench to tighten fasteners.
How Long Before my Engine Get Rebuilt?
Consider that you'll need 3-4 working hours to dismantle your engine. It will take somewhat longer to carefully reassemble. with new parts even for experienced people.
With years of experience in this industry, we remanufactured thousands of engine parts and are now able to provide genuine quality v8 short engines, 2.25, 2.5 stripped engines as well as TD5 and 200TDi engines.

Series 2a/3 Engine Overhaul

To rebuild Series 2a/3 engines, we always follow strictly series of processes including assessment and machining. This is what enables us to guarantee product quality.
After having dismantled the engine, we remanufacture cylinder heads and blocks for instance, using highly accurate machines like the Mazak machining centre,  AMC H260 vertical honing machine  and Serdi 50.
The parts are subjected to crack and pressure testing which will determine whether or not a part is serviceable.
The measuring and machining process is long but required if we want to guarantee the quality of the finished engine. Again, every step described here is essential to rebuild an engine capable of giving many years of trouble-free service.
Series 2a engine rebuild - Turner Engineering
Turner Engineering rebuild process

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