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H180 Kent Camshaft Sports Torque (3.5, 3.9 & 4.2V8)

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H180 Kent Camshaft Sports Torque (ln)


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H180 Kent Sports Torque Rover V8 camshaft

This Kent camshaft has been designed as a straight forward replacement performance cam for the Rover V8 engine.

With a duration of 262º and a valve lift of 11.2mm the H180 improves low end torque and is capable of increasing peak power by 22bhp, all whilst retaining the use of OE valve springs and maintains stable idle characteristics essential for: everyday use, on or off road, manual or automatic gearbox cars.

The new camshaft is produced on an improved 'Chilled Iron' cam blank which gives significantly superior reliability over the original production cams.

We recommend replacing the hydraulic cam followers when changing a camshaft and using Competition Cam Shaft Lube

OEM / Aftermarket
Kent Cams
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Part Number  H180 (ln)
Customer reviews
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Lovely bit of kit!
James Hallowell.
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Excellent product.
Jake Brown.
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A great product for my 1994 4.2 V8 . . . looking forward to the performance from this Kent Cam (England).
James E.


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