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H180 Kent Camshaft Sports Torque 3.5, 3.9 & 4.2V8

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H180 Kent Camshaft Sports Torque (ln)
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As used in our own engine remanufacture production


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  1. H180 Kent Sports Torque Rover V8 camshaft 3.5, 3.9 & 4.2V8

    A camshaft tailored for sport

    Land Rover's 3.5L, 3.9L and 4.2L V8 engines are power beasts capable of generating torque that will transform your off-road vehicle into a real race car. Also, it is out of the question to use just any commercially available part, especially used ones, to transmit the power of such an engine. The camshaft is particularly concerned by this recommendation because it is put to the test during every cycle of the combustion engine. In the event of failure, if it is not strong enough to absorb the torque, it can cause irreparable damage to your engine block.

    H180 Kent Camshaft Sports Torque, The only performance camshaft we recommend

    With a duration of 262º and a valve lift of 11.2mm the H180 improves low end torque and is capable of increasing peak power by 22bhp, all whilst retaining the use of OE valve springs and maintains stable idle characteristics essential for: everyday use, on or off road, manual or automatic gearbox cars.
    The H180 Kent Sport Torque camshaft is the only camsahft we recommend for use with Land Rover V8 engines ranging from 3.5 to 4.2 litres with auto gearbox and is capable of absorbing all the power of these extraordinary engines, thanks in part to its special metal construction. This camshaft is made from steel that cools down very quickly. This gives it a much higher resistance than a traditional camshaft. It is even much stronger than the camshaft originally installed by the national manufacturer. In order to benefit fully from the high level of reliability of this part, it is recommended to add the corresponding parts, especially the hydraulic cam followers, from the same manufacturer's range.

    A design adapted to all types of driving

    Whether for daily use, on or off-road the H180 and H200 camshafts withstands all types of stress. In fact the H180 is perfectly suited to vehicles with an automatic gearbox, the H200 best suited for a manual gearbox. We recommend that you lubricate the camshaft with Comp Cam lube before startup. Among our customers, Kent Cams camshafts are unanimously approved and the notable increase in performance is widely noted and appreciated. In particular, low-end torque is significantly improved by the H180. The power transmission is significantly improved compared to the use of original parts. We always have H180s and H200s in stock and we also have the corresponding bearings and lubricant to ensure that they run perfectly. This part is guaranteed for 1 year.8

  2. OEM / Aftermarket
    Kent Cams
    Warranty  12 Months Warranty 
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    Part Number  H180 (ln)

Customer reviews
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Nice increase over stock cam.
Jay M.
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Le mieux pour V8 3,9l.
Marc N.
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Nothing but the best from Turners, as always.
James H.
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Great improvement on performance!
Stephen K.
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Lovely bit of kit!
James Hallowell.
Shopping Satisfaction
Excellent product.
Jake Brown.
Shopping Satisfaction
A great product for my 1994 4.2 V8 . . . looking forward to the performance from this Kent Cam (England).
James E.
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Nils Rasmussen Review collected by Feefo
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Oscar Bigi Review collected by Feefo
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Have not fitted this yet, but have done the research.
Malcolm Gill Review collected by Feefo


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