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ERR 2532 Rear Oil Seal (5MB)

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Turner engineering
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ERR 2532 Rear Oil Seal


As used in our own engine remanufacture production


All parts in stock unless stated otherwise

  1. ERR 2532 Rear main oil seal

    The current rear oil seals we supply are Corteco which are OEM quality and a more heavy duty robust seal than replacement seals available elsewhere.

    The problem with the replacement parts is that in a lot of cases they look the same as the original Dowty seals but under detailed analysis are not to the same specification and quality or have the durability of the original Dowty seal which is no longer available. 

    This type of seal is as used in our own production.  A seal failure is time consuming and expensive. 

    200TDI - 2.5 Turbo Diesel - 2.5 Diesel  n/a & 2.5 Petrol  - 2.25 5MB Petrol & Diesel

  2. OEM / Aftermarket
    Warranty  12 Months Warranty 
    Lead Time  In Stock
    Part Number  ERR 2532
Customer reviews
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Far superior oil seal for the rear crankcase housing.
David P.
Shopping Satisfaction
We shall have to wait and see!
David H.
Shopping Satisfaction
I chose this incorrectly.
Vincent R.
Shopping Satisfaction
Very good.
Geoffrey W.
Shopping Satisfaction
Careful advice, quality parts and prompt delivery.
Philippe v.
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I am not satisfied with this part.(35 pounds ..) On your website i was ordering a rear oïl seal for my serie 3 petrol 2.25 .
I fact a have ordered a rear oïl seal for defender tdi . I made the mistake my self because i have used the search button ..
Jacques B.
ERR 2352 is a rear oil seal for a 2.25 5MB Petrol & Diesel (Series 111/90/110) , 2.5 Petrol & Diesel , 2.5 Turbo Diesel and 200TDI. . This is clearly stated in the product details. There is also a photograph of the product and this is an original Dowty/Trelleborg rear oil seal, not a replacement part.

As you state you have ordered an incorrect part. If you require the rear oil seal for the 3MB engine (542492) you are welcome to return the seal and we will replace/refund the difference.
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Sylvain d.
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I guess time will tell on this one... But it's now fitted and appears to be preventing oil being where it shouldn't.
Will M.
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Jost Oberlies Review collected by Feefo
Shopping Satisfaction
As above.
Roy Berrow Review collected by Feefo


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