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David Davenport, Somerset -2nd June 2009 2 Jun 2009

TD5 cylinder head with fitting kit

Hello Frida,

Thanks very much for sorting this out.This was the week before half term and there was a whole holiday come birthday party hanging on the availability of the Land Rover. Coupled with your efficient service and Taunton Land Rover you both did a splendid job of honouring your commitments. Very much appreciated. 

Taunton Land Rover had not heard of you before, but without any prompting from me they commented on the quality of the cylinder head and kit you supplied.

The engine now feels a lot better and towed a 20ft twin axle van up the M6 complete with wife and 4 kids - with no effort at all -even thought here is 100,000 on the clock. So once again thanks very much for your efforts and even though I spent a lot more on the repair than I ever thought -Id o feel re-assured that I got value for money.

David Davenport



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