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Julian Simpson, Denmark - 10th June 2009 10 Jun 2009

Stage 1 lead free performance 2.25 head

The head change itself took about 5 hours in total and the engine started first time and with no cloud of blue smoke – this has never happened  in the 5 years I've had her. After running in etc. I was easily able to pull up a local hill in 4th that previously needed 3rd .

Also, I was able to get 126 km/h out of her on the motorway (130 limit in Denmark). 126 km/h is 78 mph in old money and 6mph faster than the original spec for a 1973 SWB. As well as being quieter inside, I certainly notice a significant improvement in driveability around town (much fewer gear changes), and the fuel consumption is considerably better; I thought at first the needle was stuck as it didn't seem to move down.We can't wait to see how it performs this summer with the caravan behind. Thank you.

Kind regards,
Julian Simpson



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