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Andy Dawe - 8th March 2010 8 Mar 2010

200TDI gasflowed performance cylinder head

Just a short note to say thank you for the supply of one of your Gasflowed 200tdi cylinder heads. Special thanks to Freda for making sure all the parts I needed were included in the order and Richard for the tour of the workshop and engine advice.

My observations of the tuned head are money well spent. With the tuned head it fools you into thinking the engine is a bit bigger. What is actually happening is the engine is more efficient when the turbo is not on boost. The engine now pulls from very low revs. At the end of my road is a junction on a hill. I used to pull out in first and rev it hard in first keeping momentum for change into second. If I short shifted into second gear with not enough revs the Disco would struggle to get its momentum. With the tuned head it just pulls, gone is the step in power delivery with the turbo acting like an on/off switch the power is delivered in a seamless strong manner. Better for towing and economy has improved.

Again many thanks.
Andy Dawe



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