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Philip Gilliver, UK - 17th December 2010 17 Dec 2010

300TDI stripped engine gasflowed performance head


The exchange 300tdi engine with gasflowed cylinder head has been very carefully run in and has now done 1200 miles with a change of oil and filter at approx 500 miles. 

I cannot put into words how pleased I am with it. There is so much smooth torque and power .The acceleration in traffic is effortless, and there is no need to rev it, just keep changing up a gear and the grunt brings a smile to my face. It is quiet , and silky in the power delivery, and simply purrs along at cruising speeds You can almost hear it laughing at hills.

I wonder what there is to come when or if I ever need to rev it above 2700rpm,which it hasn't seen yet. I strongly advise anyone needing a new 300tdi engine to buy a Turner with the gasflowed head. It is a complete waste of money to fit anything else.

My Sincere Thanks
Philip Gilliver



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