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The only UK engine re-manufacturer specialising exclusively in Land Rover Series 2a/111, Range Rover, Defender and Discovery engines, short engines, cylinder heads and associated components. The Company has been re-manufacturing Land Rover engines since the late 70's, is the established market leader and the most experienced Company in this field. We offer a wide range of genuine Land Rover engine parts, which ideally meet customers' needs. Turner products are regarded by many as the benchmark from which all others are judged. Our build quality is second to none.
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only UK engine re-manufacturer
specialising exclusively in Land Rover

heavy investment program over the years to provide
the best equipped facility of it's type in the world.
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ETC 7128 Camshaft, ETC 4104 Spacer, FS106167L Bolt

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ETC 7128 Camshaft

Includes retaining plate ETC 4104 and metric bolt  FS106167L to allow fitment to both imperial 2.25 petrol & diesel engines. This camshaft is manufactured correctly to allow for 2.25 diesel engine timing to be set at the appropriate setting. 

Steel CK45 Original equipment specification ETC 7128 camshaft - metric.

NOTE: Retaining plate now obsolete from Land Rover or elsewhere

OEM / Aftermarket
Warranty  12 Months Warranty 
Lead Time  In Stock
Part Number  ETC 7128 - ETC 4104 - FS106167L

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Customer reviews
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Some assembly guidance ould be useful since this is a non-standard part, i.e. where does the spacer go?
Ray L.
Shopping Satisfaction
As ordered.
David M.
Shopping Satisfaction
Superb service. Very knowledgeable and professional.
Rob W.
Shopping Satisfaction
This is a 2.5 Cam I am installing in a 2.25 88" . This Turner Cam is made correctly, and fit perfectly. I had tried three Cams from another supplier, Bearmac*, and the front Thrust spacer machined into the front of the Cam was made wrong. The Bear* Cams were 0.010" to long at the machined in spacer, I was afraid to grind them to the correct dimension as it may have gotten into soft metal. I made them aware of the problem and they did not seem to care.

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