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ETC 7128 Camshaft

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Turner engineering
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ETC 7128 Camshaft
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As used in our own engine remanufacture production


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  1. ETC 7128 Camshaft

    The original camshaft for your Land Rover

    Whether you are the proud owner of a Land Rover 200 TDI, or earlier 2.5 Turbo Diesel, 2.5 Diesel n/a, 2.5 Petrol or 2.25 Petrol engine, you should know that our ETC 7128 camshaft is no more and no less than the original installed by Land Rover. This original manufactured part is created with the strongest materials and precision-machined to meet the manufacturer's exact specifications.

    Choose reliability and resilience

    It goes without saying that a Land Rover 200 TDI or earlier evolution off-roader deserves to be maintained with rigour. With an oem quality camshaft you are guaranteed to give your vehicle the best performance. You are also choosing optimum driving safety and reliability. Indeed, our ETC 7128 is precisely designed to enable your engine to transmit maximum power with minimum wear of parts. A poorly designed and badly machined camshaft is likely to cause many problems in the diesel cycle. These can have a negative effect on the operation of the engine itself. Our ETC 7128 camshaft for Land Rover is guaranteed to make the most of the 200TDI and earlier engines.

    An essential part of your petrol or diesel engine

    The stresses to which your Land Rover's camshaft is subjected demand a high degree of material strength and perfect cam design. The materials used to manufacture the camshafts must be able to withstand very high wear. This wear occurs from the moment the engine is switched on until it is switched off. High friction exists with parts such as tappets or rocker arms. They are all the more intense during cold starts. This is because during this type of start, lubrication is not yet optimally ensured, as the pressure is only gradually built up.
    In addition to the camshaft's resistance to force, its design is very important. It must take into account the opening moment of the valves, the duration of this opening as well as the physiognomy of the valve lift. It is therefore easy to deduce that only an original Land Rover camshaft, our ETC 7128, is capable of keeping your vehicle in perfect working order. The very reasonable price of this essential part for your 200TDI or earlier engines, its availability, our very short delivery times and our wide range of means of payment make it unnecessary to buy it from suppliers with little credibility, particularly in South East Asia. The original ETC 7128 camshaft makes you fully appreciate, and for a long time to come, the performance of your Land Rover 200 TDI or earlier evolution engine.

    Defender 200TDI
    90/110 2.5 Turbo Diesel, 2.5 Diesel n/a, 2.25 5MB Diesel,  2.5 Petrol , 2.25 5MB Petrol

  2. OEM / Aftermarket
    Warranty  12 Months Warranty 
    Lead Time  In Stock
    Part Number  ETC 7128

Customer reviews
Shopping Satisfaction
Lovely machined camshaft, quality looks very good.
Allan B.
Shopping Satisfaction
Good quality ,GERMAN manufacturing .
Peter C.
Shopping Satisfaction
Excellent quality camshaft.
John Brian M.
Shopping Satisfaction
Very happy it was in stock and was shipped quick.
Robert C.
Shopping Satisfaction
Looks ok.
Alun W.
Shopping Satisfaction
Excellent service.
Paul G.
Shopping Satisfaction
Met size specification and tolerances on all journals. All machined surfaces in v. good shape.
Tim R.
Shopping Satisfaction
Top product.
Just S.
Shopping Satisfaction
As advertised.
Andrew M.
Shopping Satisfaction
Going into the engine this week. Looking forward to unleashing ALL 68 bhp from the 2.5 N/A!
Colin C.


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