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JF Gordon, Kent - 26th October 2010 26 Oct 2010

300TDI stripped engine performance

I refer to my letter to you of 16th November 2009, and want to let you know that the above engine, fitted to my Discovery some 13 months and 18.000km ago, continues to run very smoothly. There have been no reliability issues and the only adjustment required was to the tappets once they had bedded down. 

The extra flexibility provided by the gaslfowed head makes the car more relaxing to drive, and also improves fuel consumption especially on long runs.

In the nature of things I don't see myself buying another remanufactured engine in the foreseeable future but I should not hesitate to recommend your firm to anyone who needed one. Many thanks for a first class product and a service to match.

Your sincerely
JF Gordon



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