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Brian, Co Armagh, Northern Ireland. 22nd September 2010 22 Sep 2010

4.6V8 stripped engine Ductile iron flanged liners

This is just a short message to thank you for the brilliant service I received when I purchased the above reconditioned engine. It arrived when I was told to my installer, with all the gaskets, oil and extras I ordered. 

Once installed it runs quiet, the car drives like new and the economy has improved from 12mpg to 20mpg, which as an average mpg with a car that runs on LPG makes it a very cheap Range Rover to run. The power is really good, much better than the original engine and its smooth and effortless.

I would recommend a Turner engine to any serious Land Rover owner. My car is refurbished and with the engine now installed it is back to factory condition both mechanically and cosmetically, in fact now its better than new mechanical condition.

I will gladly speak to any prospective purchasers to endorse your engines in Northern Ireland, just contact me by email so I can agree to my details being passed on

Best Regards
Co Armagh, Northern Ireland



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