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Jonathan Staite, Surrey - 22nd June 2011 22 Jun 2011

Ductile iron flanged linered block casting

Frida and Richard, good afternoon

I thought you might appreciate a brief update.....

Following your work on my "block" it all seemed to go back together without any issues, David Batty certainly seemed happy with what I presented him with.

I have now done about 500 miles in the car, carefully running it in as instructed, and all is going well, this mileage amounts to pretty much my annual mileage in the last couple of years!

I am determined to use it more now it has a great "new" engine, wejust need some more good weather!

Many thanks for all of your help and good work with this"project", I am forwarding you some pictures in case they are of interest/use to you, these are of the bare block, you have seen hundreds of these of course!, the rebuilt engine back in the car and a shot from "Goodwood" a couple of weeks ago.

These are on two e-mails due to file size, apparently.

Many thanks and best regards.

Jonathan Staite



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