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Testimonials from some of our customers

Hello Frida..
Just wanted to drop you a short line to let you know my parcel arrived.
It was wonderfully wrapped and the contents were in perfect condition.

I was amazed that according to the online tracking information, it took 3 days to travel here to Australia
But the more amazing thing... and this is just our postal system...
Is that it took 4 full days after that to travel the last 60 miles from Melbourne to my post office.

Thanks for your incredible service.
Wade Holden. - 4th January 2013

Hello there,

I received my long awaited engine parts and i could not be happier. Thank you very much for a straight forward and trouble free order. 
I have never purchased from overseas before and to be honest was a little uncertain as to the quality that i would receive, but wow was i surprised when i opened the package. 
I am actually a qualified land rover technician and have always recommended genuine to my customers, and purchasing your parts was a first for me and i can say it will not be the last. In my family there are 9 land rovers and if we can get quality parts like yours cheaper we will all be utilizing your business. 

Again thank you and i will be highly recommending your services.

Wade Markham
Owner & Director
CHARLMIC PASTORAL - Australia - 15th November 2012

I just purchased a 300Tdi complete head from you guys , I must say what a professional buisness you run the service is none better and the postage time is out off this world . If you had a company in Australia you would be run off your feet.

Wow 2 days to Melbourne from the uk the only let down was Australia Post it took 2 days from Melbourne Airport to travel 130 kays to my place .

Thankyou very much for you professional service and another quality Turners product .

Chris Blades - Melbourn, Australia - 9th November 2012

Hi Frida

Many Thanks, the package arrived at 13.00 today, in good condition
I have ordered parts from UK on many occasions, this is the best service I have ever received.

Many Thanks and Regards
Tom Connolly - Australia - 8th October 2012

I am writing to let you know that how satisfied I am of your service!

I received the goods from your company within two days after releasing the payment. I really appreciate your support and can only describle your service to be very professional and even magic!

The packaging is perfect and all the components are supreme. I am very pleased of your service from consulting to shipment. Your staff are very professional and friendly. I believe that will be ordering your goods again soon and I definitely will recommond your company to all my friends.

Thanks again 
Rex - Taiwan - 4th August 2012

Thanks again for great service and such prompt delivery of V8 camshaft. 3 days exceeds my expectations by a verylong way!

Peter Walker, Victoria, Australia - 14th March 2012


Just a quick note to say,
Order arrived today without damage and all items correct.

Thanks to all. It is a pleasure to conduct business with your company.

Peter Sellers, Victoria, Australia - 12th March 2012

Dear Frida!
This is the second time I order 2.5 NAD engine spares off your company and I am impressed of the quality of your services. I am very grateful of your personal readyness to help in tech questions, it really helps to make a proper choice. For sure will advise my "landrover desease" mates to be also your clients.
Very best regards, 
Alex Khopta, Kiev, The Ukraine - 7th February 2012

Dear Frtda,

Thank you for such prompt delivery of the performance head and fitting kit.It took just four days to arrive. This is truly Platinum service and will recommend you to any Landy owners I meet who may require your help and advice. The head will be fitted over the christmas break and I am anticipating a new lease of life to my 300Tdi Discovery .

Phil Rogers, Western Australia. - 20th December 2011

Hi Frida,

I still can't believe that I ordered my cylinder head on Wednesday evening and received it Friday around noon. That's great, even better than my own country! Thanks again for all the help and fast service.

Best Regards
Antionio, Malta - 28th November 2011

Hello again!

I ordered that camshaft and followers from you after I received your answer (Friday 11th of November). Next Monday morning (Monday the driver from DHL was outside my door whith the parts. 
That is very impressive!
Thank you very much.

Best regards
Arne Gjedrem, Norway - 19th November 201

Hello Frida,

The head arrived today, I can barely believe it only took 4 days to get here.
Thanks once again for your incredible service.

Wade Holden, Australia - 31st October 201

Both arrived already thanks Frida! Everything looks great. 

Peter Simpson, Australia - 19th September 2011

Just want to say Thank You to all of You that helped to deliver the Td5 head so quickly.
I was totaly surprised, as my mechanic called me and announced that the head is there.
If I look at the time stamps at FedEx, it took less than 20hours from ordering to delivering!

Great Job and I wish everybody a nice weekend, like i will have in my Defender again!

Horst Stecher, Germany - 16th September 2011

Thank you so much for the accuracy and speed of delivery!
It had never happened before so quickly to get the parts to be much closer to my house!
Thank you again.
Tito Flore, Italy - 6th July 2011

On a feedback note - this head would have to be one of the best additions to my 130. The additional power and performance was instantly noticeable whilst fuel economy appears to be unchanged. I'm very impressed. 

Robert Stevens - Vic, Australia - 21st June 2011 

Hi Frida,

Received my head/rockers/gasket today via DHL. Looks good and fast shipping. Thanks for the great service! Should be back on the road by the end of the month.

Don Daufenbach, Virginia, USA - 6th June 2011

Head and bits received at Garage today, in Gosford NSW-Friday 11am, hopefully they will be as quick as your team.
Many Thanks.....
David Peddley, NSW, Australia - 8th April 2011

Parts already here just 20 hours after my enquiry! Excellent service thank you,
Ian - UK - 5th April 2011!

Dear Frida,

I am writing to thank you and the team at Turner Engineering for all your help and service in delivering the spares. It is the first time I have ordered a large number of parts from a company with out any thing going wrong. My land rover engine is now being stripped and the new parts fitted as we speak!! :-)

I can confirm that the VAT refund has arrived in my account - thank you for facilitating that.

I will certainly be using Turner Engineering again in the future and recommending to others that they use Turner Engineering.

Thank you once again for a great service,

Kind regards, 
Andrew Bowden, Embassy of Ireland, Irish Aid, Lusaka - 22nd February 2011

Dear Mrs Frida
I received my 2.5 TD Short engine and it looks awsum!! Thank you for bringing light for my Land Rover.

I also would like to send a big Thank You for all the Turner Engineering Team that made this possible. I would and will always recommend your services. Turner Engineering exceeded my expectations on professional and efficiency relation with customers.
Once again, 
Thank you Turner Engineering Team
Thank You Mrs Frida

Best regards 
Roberto Mata, Madeira Island, Portugal - 11th February 2011

Dear Frida,

I am writing to say thank you for the smooth delivery of the spare parts that I recently ordered. All went to plan regarding their collection in York and getting them back to Zambia. 

I submitted the VAT reclaim form at Heathrow, which the customs officials duly stamped and stated they would be sending back to Turner Engineering to facilitate the refund. 

Thanks again for the smooth delivery of the items,

Kind regards,
Andrew Bowden, Zambia - 8th February 2011

Just wanted to send a quick thanks. Received the 300tdi parts today.
Thanks for your great service - quick shipping - and sorting out of customs issues 

You put most aussie businesses to shame with your service.

Thanks again
Steve Wallin, Australia - 25th January 2011

Pleased to confirm I have received the Package and all is in order. Thanks for the excellent service.
Trevor Morris, South Africa - 17th January 2011

Many thanks for your prompt delivery of my replacement cylinder head, it arrived at the garage the following day. If only their response time was as quick.
Many thanks 
Peter Griffiths, UK - 11th January 2011

very fast job & nice product!
I am very happy!

Andreas, Germany - 17th December 2010

Hi Frida,
Just some quick feedback and an enquiry. The head ordered below arrived in an amazing 4 days. It has been fitted and performing very well to date. The difference is notable right across the torque band. Both my mechanic and myself are really impressed and feel the extra $ spent on the performance head was well worth it. Many thanks.

Robert Stevens, Australia - 14th December 2010

Hello from Melbourne. Just a belated thank you for the prompt and professional service you have provided on a couple of occasions now. I continue to recommend!

Peter Walker, Australia - 8th December 2010

Just a short note, I felt I had to write a few words of thanks for the service, very friendly and super efficient. Less than 24hrs from order to delivery despite the snow. If only more compnaies provided this level of service!!

Many thanks Andrew Jamieson, UK - 5th December 2010


Just to let you know that I received the package and I was very satisfied with the whole experience of dealing with you.
Best regards

Savvas I. Fessas, Greece - 27th October 2010

The package just arrived at 5pm NYC time. Perfect. You are fantastic! Thanks for rushing it through. 
I am very happy!

Curt, New York - 8th October 2010

I have just purchased the head and assembly kit that I have been harassing you about over the past few days and would like to take this opportunity to thank you sincerely for your timely help and assistance.
Best regards
Barry, Australia - 23rd September 2010

Dear Frida,

You are the best, without any doubt.

Thank you very much. Parcel was delivered half hour ago. So quick, without stress because of your help. Perfect service, I'm very happy.

Best regards & a nice weekend,
Ingo Bartsch, Costa Rica - 3rd September 2010

I just received the part today, im very thankful for your help , it was really good doing business with you and the shipping was very fast and on time, thank you.

Marcos Machuca, USA - 29th July 2010

Hi all at Turner Engineering

The Head arrived a few minutes ago, we are impressed with your efficient service I haven't opened the box yet as hubby is off work sick... I am sure he will be equally as impressed... we are not used to such efficient service these days... living in WA (wait a while) we can be waiting for two days or more for parts from Perth which is only 75km away!

As the aussies would say ... "good on ya mate"
John Dougherty - Western Australia - 18th June 2010

Good afternoon, 

Must say I'm really impressed with the service you offer your customers, I allready received my package from the UK, meaning time from order completed to delivery less than 24 hrs!

Thanks again!
Kind regards 
Erik Haugen - Norway - 15th June 2010

Hi Richard.

I just received the pistons etc that I ordered. Thank you very much. I am truly amazed at the speed or which they arrived. Wonderful. Thanks very much.

Well done
Chris Hardie - Perth, Australia - 11th January 2010

Dear Frida

I just want to give you a feedback..

The defender runs great with your cyl.head and the other parts, now we have 1000km and the first service.

Thanks you very much for your efforts.

Best regards from nearby vienna/austria
Tommy Kechvar, Austria - 30th November 2009

Frida & Richard-

I would like to thank you for your prompt and professional response to the parts I required to rebuild my 300Tdi. Also, I appreciate your help answering the technical questions regarding the overhaul.

Your knowledge regarding shipping was also excellent.

The engine rebuild is complete and the engine runs better than it did when new. I recommend your company to others here in the Landrover community.

Thanks very much for everything.

Steve Gross - Scottsdale, AZ , USA - 21st August 2009

Just to say that I received my order today, everything is in perfect condition, thanks for the great service, and also fast one. Keep on the good job there.

Best regards
Stavros Christodoulou - Cyprus - 22nd July 2009

Hello Frida,

Thanks very much for sorting this out. This was the week before half term and there was a whole holiday come birthday party hanging on the availability of the LandRover. Coupled with your efficient service and Taunton LandRover you both did a splendid job of honouring your commitments. Very much appreciated. Taunton LandRover had not heard of you before, but without any prompting from me they commented on the quaility of the cylinder head and kit you supplied.

The engine now feels a lot better and towed a 20ft twin axle van up the M6 complete with wife and 4 kids - with no effort at all - even though there is 100,000 on the clock. So once again thanks very much for your efforts and even though I spent a lot more on the repair than I ever thought - I do feel re-assured that I got value for money.

David Davenport, Somerset -2nd June 2009


I just received my 2.5D cylinder head. I cannot thank you enough and am absolutely blown away by the service I received from you. You responded to all of my emails within MINUTES, the price of the head was very very fair, and shipping overseas was unbelievably fast.

I haven't put it in the Rover yet, but I'm sure I'll be just as blown away by its quality and performance. I was very upset when I found the cracks in my old head and thought I would be in for an expensive ordeal trying to find a head for this engine in the US. But you guys actually made this an enjoyable experience.

I have recommended you to my mechanic and he was also very impressed with your site. I cannot thank you enough! If only you could solve all my Rover problems....

Matt Abraham - 13th March 2009

Hello Frida

Thank you for the last message in Dutch. 

Anyway, the Defender is now running better than it ever has (a new loom to the injectors helped). No longer the flat spots when accelerating. My mechanic was impressed with the quality and greater strength of the head. Once again thanks for your prompt attention and help. I would still be waiting for a replacement head here but for your help. Koekke Bakkers!

All the very best.
Bill de Vries - ACT, Australia - 3rd March 2009

Hello Frida,

I'd just like to say a big thank you for the service provided by you to me just the other day and also for the rather rapid delivery of the engine parts I ordered from you ( big end and main bearings and core plugs ).

As ever Turner Engineering is top of my list whether its buying an engine, a head or a few parts - my experiences so far !

Good luck with the continued success of your business from a very satisfied customer over many miles and years.

Yours appreciatively,
Geoffrey Beacham. 
17th November 2008

Hi Frida

Just to let you know the parts arrived today, what a surprise. Can't thank you enough for the quality of the service. Such an easy transaction and everything appears to be right. Onward to the rebore now, the amazing thing is I ordered some parts from Adelaide the day before I ordered the parts from you and they still haven't arrived, how's that? I'll be in touch for the same order again as soon as I've finished this rebuild. Might be as early as late July, I'll be in touch. Fantastic service and so easy to deal with. Thank you.

All the very best
Martyn Williams - Byford, Western Australia
30th June 2008

Everything has arrived and we should be firing up the beast tomorrow.

Thanks again for the great turn around on my order and getting it here quickly!

We have a club event (Ottawa Valley Land Rover - the oldest landy club in North America) and I will be sure to boast about your service. We get about 40 trucks out for our summer soltice event with the majority of them being Series.

Thank you
Len Cater - Canada
9th June 2008

To all at Turner Engineering,

I would lilke to thank you all for the help and the great service I received from you all regarding the replacement cylinder head I ordered. I don't think I could have got better service anywhere else, especially at the speed next day delivery! Couldn't be better.

Thanks again
Pete Jarvis
3rd June 2008

Hello Frida
I've just received my oil filter adapter. May I say a very big thank you, it's superb. Also thank you for such prompt and fast service. It comes as no surprise that Turner Engineering has such a good name.

Kindest Regards to all at Turner Engineering Darren Angel 
25th March 2008

Dear Frida,
Just a quick email to say thank you very much for arranging the new cylinder head to be shipped to Peru. We collected our Landy a few weeks ago from the mechanic and the engine is purring like a kitten! It starts on the first turn better than it ever did before. Thought you may like to see a picture of him in action in the desert in Peru last week.

2.5 Turbo Diesel head Installed

Kind Regards
Anna, Peru
4th September 2007

I received my parts today and the car is fixed. Thanks so much for the prompt service.

Charlie Haigh, USA
11th August 2005

Hi, thanks for the prompt service, hopefully customs in Malawi will be just as efficient!

Best regards
Alistair Anton, Malawi
7th June 2005

hi all my name is john bennett i have just purchased a cylinder head for my disco 300 tdi i would like to say thanks for the great service and advice fast delivery excellent stuff i will recommend you in future thanks once again

Regards john bennett
1st December 2004

Just a quick e-mail to thank you for the fast & efficient service you gave re the supply of a new cylinder head for my Discovery td5, Arrived next day approximately 24hrs from phone call to order. Wish all companies where as good as yours!

Many thanks Trevor Rhodes
Wakefield, West Yorkshire. 
9th October 2004



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