Only UK engine re-manufacturer specialising exclusively in Land Rover
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The only UK engine re-manufacturer specialising exclusively in Land Rover, Range Rover, Defender, Discovery and Freelander engines, short engines, cylinder heads and associated components. The Company has been re-manufacturing Land Rover engines since the late '70, is the established market leader and the most experienced Company in this field. Turner products are regarded by many as the benchmark from which all others are judged. Our build quality is second to none.
Since the Late 70s
only UK engine re-manufacturer
specialising exclusively in Land Rover
heavy investment program over the years to provide
the best equipped facility of it's type in the world.
QUALITY CONTROL Original equipment parts
and approved components only are used


(Code: 519)
LDF500170 TD5 Cylinder Head - lateLDF500170 TD5 Cylinder Head - late

New TD5 cylinder head - late type (1 internal, 1 external fuel gallery). Complete with valves & springs assembled.
AMC Spanish manufacture of superior quality to oem. 
(Code: 518)
LDF500160 TD5 Cylinder Head - earlyLDF500160 TD5 Cylinder Head - early

New TD5 cylinder head - early type (2 internal fuel galleries). Complete with valves & springs assembled
AMC Spanish manufacture of superior quality to oem.  

Note: if purchasing fitting kit elsewhere the later part number rocker cover gasket is required (LVP000020)
(Code: 731-5c486d)
TD5 head gasketTD5 head gasket

Cylinder head gasket. Elring original equipmentLVB000250LVB000240LVB000260
(Code: 520-3edd99)
TD5 Gasket Set TopTD5 Gasket Set Top

Top gasket & seal kit. Includes: inlet manifold gasket, exhaust manifold gasket, fuel regulator gasket, rocker cover gasket, injector O rings, injector washers, coolant elbow outlet gasket, fuel regulator gasket, stem seals, injector harness o rings etc
(Code: 805)
ERR 5384 Head Bolt SetERR 5384 Head Bolt Set

Head bolt set consisting of 12 head bolts. AMC Spanish manufacture
(Code: 1560)
YLL500040 Head Locating DowelYLL500040 Head Locating Dowel

Head locating dowel - steel
(Code: 1101)
ERR 5369 Seal Camshaft RearERR 5369 Seal Camshaft Rear

Camshaft rear seal.. Original equipment
(Code: 1102)
LDI100030 Camshaft Seal FrontLDI100030 Camshaft Seal Front

Front camshaft seal. Original equipment
(Code: 780-5)
STC 4600 Hylomar 3400 SealantSTC 4600 Hylomar 3400 Sealant

Hylomar 3400 sealer (300ml). For use between camshaft carriage and cylinder head..
(Code: 1454)
LRT 12-058 & LRT 12-158 Camshaft Timing PinsLRT 12-058 & LRT 12-158 Camshaft Timing Pins

LRT 12-058 Camshaft/Crankshaft Timing pins OEM LRT 12-158 Flywheel locking pin OEM
(Code: 841)
LR016319 Fuel Connector AssemblyLR016319 Fuel Connector Assembly

Fuel connector assembly, early type. Land Rover
(Code: 541-aea3bf)
LR016318 Fuel Connector AssemblyLRO16318 Fuel Connector Assembly

Connector assembly fuel block - later type. Euro Consolidated Directive 3
(Code: 757)
LBF500020 Kit cylinder headLBF500020 Kit cylinder head

Kit cylinder head - Land Rover 1 x ERR 5369 seal camshaft rear, 5 x ERR 6417 injector washer 5 x ERR 6616 pad insulation, 1 x ERR 6674 plug 5 x ERR 7004 injector o ring, 2 x LCL100020 locating dowel (plastic) 1 x LDI100030 seal camshaft front, 6 x LYG101510 bolt shaft to head, 5 x MBD100050 bolt
(Code: 1287)
ERR 4598 Valve Non ReturnERR 4598 Valve Non Return

Non return valve. Land Rover
(Code: ERR 7266)
ERR 7266 Sealing GrommetSealing grommet cam cover. 

(Code: FS108357)
FS108357 ScewScew

Screw M8 x 35 flange head. Land Rover

Ladder frame to cylinder head  
Front cover to block
(Code: 521)
TD5 Gasket Set BottomTD5 Gasket Set Bottom

Bottom gasket and seal kit.
(Code: 901)
LVF500040 Sump GasketLVF500040 Sump Gasket

Sump gasket. Original equipment
(Code: 861)
LUF100420 Crankshaft Rear Oil SealLUF100420 Crankshaft Rear Oil Seal

Crankshaft rear oil seal. Original equipment.
(Code: 730)
LBB001200E TD5 Short engine - RemanufacturedLBB001200E TD5 Short engine - Remanufactured

TD5 Short engine assembly - Remanufacturedr Consists of remanufactured block casting, NEW crankshaft, pistons & conrods. Includes 400.00 deposit/core charge (refundable upon return of serviceable exchange unit).
(Code: 1274)
ERR 6977 Cylinder Block CastingERR 6977 Cylinder Block Casting

Remanufactured bare block casting ready for assembly. Suitable for standard piston size. Includes new core plugs fitted, pressure tested.. Main bearing housing alignment inspected. Cylinders honed to size. Deck of block skimmed to ensure flatness. Painted.
(Code: 537)
LEF500030 CrankshaftLEF500030 Crankshaft

Crankshaft. Land Rover.
(Code: 523-d950f7)
STC 3299 Bearing Set MainsSTC 3299 Bearing Set Mains

Main bearing set. King Bearings
(Code: 522-d950f7)
STC 3300 Bearing Set ConrodsSTC 3300 Bearing Set Conrods

Conrod bearing set. King Bearings- heavy duty lead copper
(Code: 524)
ERR 5345 Thrust WasherERR 5345 Thrust Washer

Price is per thrust washer. Two required for engine rebuild. Replacement
(Code: 542)
ERR 5278 Bolt Main Bearing CapERR 5278 Bolt Main Bearing Cap

Mainbearing cap bolt. Stretch bolt - use once only. Quantity of 12 in engine set. Land Rover.
(Code: 543)
ERR 6954L Conrod BoltERR 6954L Conrod Bolt

Bolt connecting rod. Stretch bolt, use once only. Quantity 10 required. OEM
(Code: 538)
ERR 6953 ConrodERR 6953 Conrod

Td5 conrod. Original equiment.
(Code: 1025-TD5)
LFB500050 Spigot BushLFB500050 Spigot Bush

Crankshaft oillite bush
(Code: 717-TD5)
ERR 5215 Crankshaft KeyERR 5215 Crankshaft Key

Crankshaft Key.
(Code: 737)
LHG100580 Damper crankshaftLHG100580 Damper crankshaft

Damper crankshaft with NSK boss. Replacement
(Code: 782)
LYG101190 Bolt - Damper to CrankshaftLYG101190 Bolt - Damper to Crankshaft

Bolt - Damper to crankshaft. Land Rover
(Code: 873)
ERR 5992 Crankshaft Front Oil SealERR 5992 Crankshaft Front Oil Seal

Crankshaft front oil seal. Original equipment
(Code: 953)
ERR 6978 Bush Small EndERR 6978 Bush Small End

Bush small end or conrod bush. Replacement This bush is unfinished and requires machining to size. Not a DIY job
(Code: 525-171deb)
LFL500030 PistonLFL500030 Piston

Piston assembly including rings, gudgeon pin & circlips.Price per piston. £ 68.15 - Std - Kolben Schmidt original equipment.£ 68.15 - 020 - Kolben Schmidt original equipment.£ 50.00 - Std - Replacement£ 50.00 - 020 - Replacement
(Code: 526-d950f7)
LFT500040 Piston Ring SetLFT500040 Piston Ring Set

Ring set for 1 piston. Kolben Schmidt original equipment. NOTE: These piston rings are to be fitted to Kolben Schmidt original equipment pistons only and are not suitable for replacement pistons of a different make or some of the early type Kolben Schmidt pistons with keystone top ring. If in doubt please contact us
(Code: 830)
89536190 Cylinder Liner89536190 Cylinder Liner

Cylinder liner. Re liner block casting with excessive bore wear back to suit standard pistons. Replacement
(Code: 789)
SB106121 Screw M6 cap head. Jet to blockSB106121 Screw M6 cap head. Jet to block

Screw M6 cap head. Jet to block. Land Rover
(Code: 527)
LHA000030 Kit Chain DriveLHA000030 Kit Chain Drive

Kit Chain Drive. Land Rover
(Code: 1290)
ERR 7070 Screw Sprocket to CamshaftERR 7070 Screw Sprocket to Camshaft

Screw sprocket to camshaft. Land Rover
(Code: 531)
LGJ100690 Guide Timing ChainLGJ100690 Guide Timing Chain

Guide Timing Chain. Land Rover.
(Code: 532)
LGQ000020 Tensioner Timing ChainLGQ000020 Tensioner Timing Chain

Tensioner timing chain. Land Rover.
(Code: 848)
LHP000080 Tensioner Timing ChainLHP000080 Tensioner Timing Chain

Tensioner timing chain. Black dot late type. Land Rover
(Code: 849)
LHP000090 Tensioner Timing ChainLHP000090 Tensioner Timing Chain

Tensioner timing chain. Blue dot, early type. Land Rover
(Code: 1260)
LXI100000 Sealing Washer - TensionerLXI100000 Sealing Washer - Tensioner

Tensioner sealing washer
(Code: 528)
LPF500020 Pump Assembly Engine OilLPF500020 Pump Assembly Engine Oil

Oil pump assembly. Land Rover.
(Code: 529)
LYP101400 Bolt Sprocket to Oil PumpLYP101400 Bolt Sprocket to Oil Pump

Bolt sprocket to oil pump. Land Rover
(Code: 530-e24d82)
LQX100130 Oil Pump Chain/SprocketLQX100130 Oil Pump Chain/Sprocket

Oil pump chain/sprocket.
(Code: 775)
FT106257M Bolt pump to blockFT106257M Bolt pump to block

Bolt pump to block. M6 x 25mm - (qty 10 required)
(Code: 776)
FC106087M Bolt pump to blockFC106087M Bolt pump to block

Bolt pump to block M6 x 40mm (qty 12 required) Land Rover
(Code: 533)
ERR 6611 Valve InletERR 6611 Valve Inlet

Td5 Inlet valve. - original equipment
(Code: 534)
ERR 6612 Valve ExhaustERR 6612 Valve Exhaust

Td5 exhaust valve.- original equipment
(Code: 535)
LGL500050 Valve SpringLGL500050 Valve Spring

Valve Spring
(Code: 1332)
ERR 7225 Valve GuideERR 7225 Valve Guide

Valve guide. Specialist fit only. Original equipment
(Code: 536)
LJQ100940 Stem SealLJQ100940 Stem Seal

Stem seal. Original equipment
(Code: 777)
LGC000310 CamshaftLGC000310 Camshaft

Camshaft. Replacement oe Defender From (V) 1A622424 Disco 11 From (V) 1A736340
(Code: 1216)
LGC000320L CamshaftLGC000320L Camshaft

Camshaft. Land Rover (superseeded from ERR 6676)Defender To (V) 1A622423Disco 11 To (V) 1A736339
(Code: 540)
ERR 7233 Lash AdjusterERR 7233 Lash Adjuster

Lash adjuster. INA original equipment
(Code: 732)
ERR 7234 Follower assemblyERR 7234 Follower assembly

Follower assembly - valve camshaft finger. Original equipment
(Code: 1510)
FS106307L Screw Cover to BlockFS106307L Screw Cover to Block

Screw flanged head. Rockercover to head. OEM